Terms of Sale Agreement

The undersigned has been provided a copy of the Colonial Candle/MVP Brands Terms of Sal and agrees wash purchase hereafter completed upon open account credit shall be deemed subject to the MVP Brands Terms of Sale and those alone, and hereby waives any term of purchase other than those. IT IS UNDERSTOOD COLONIAL CANDLE/MVP BRANDS STANDARD TERMS ARE NET 30 DAYS. The merchandise purchases are for resale only.

I hereby represent I am authorized to submit this application on behalf of the customer named above, and the information provided is for the purpose of obtaining crest and is warranted to be true. I/We hereby authorize the bank to furnish requested information to Colonial Candle/ MVP Brands for the purpose of credit extension. If our Social Security Number/ Tax ID Numbers are given, I/We hereby authorize Colonial Candle/MVP Brands to attain a Consumer Credit Report and Background Report. It is agreed and understood a service charge or time price differential (TPD) of 1.5% per month, or not to exceed the maximum rate permissible under applicable law, will be added on all past due balances. It is understood that Colonial Candle/MVP Brands reserves the right to reverse discounts (including freight discounts) if invoices are not paid within terms. It is further agreed and understood all accounts past due may be turned over for collection of amount due plus service charges or TPD accrued, along with cost of collection, including reasonable attorney’s fee. I/We further represent the customer applying for credit has the financial ability and willingness to pay for all invoices with established terms.